Colibri X 

Touchscreen IGC flight recorder

Compatible with LX Cloud
Unique highest quality display, with transflective technology™ which allows the pilot amazing visibility even in the highest sunlight conditions in cockpit. Colibri X is the next generation from well known Colibri 2 flight recorder, which many called "Black box".
 Full navigation with free worldwide 3D terrain map, Airspace support, Thermal assistant, FLARM radar, Logbook and much more.
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Free world map

Colibri X comes with preloaded world map with 3D terrain in 12 different palettes.

Intuitive interface

Over 40 years of research and experience in gliding gave us the know-how to produce the ultimate flight recorder.

Navigation device

Turnpoint, Airport, Task and Nearest navigation with airspace support is basically everything you need.


Colibri X is a smart backup instrument with the highest level of IGC certification with ENL.
Backup instrument

A good pilot always has a backup plan

Colibri X flight recorder is the ultimate instrument for a novice pilot, who just begun gliding or advanced pilot with thousands of hours. Use it as a main navigation, a backup IGC logger, FLARM radar or backup navigation. 

Pocket size

102 x 71 x 14 mm


Wi-Fi & Bluetooth


Club / Competition


Rechargeable, up to 15h
Plug and play accessories

Connect to Flarm

Connect to a Flarm device and get Flarm radar and Flarm warnings as well!
User interface

Select your colour theme

Our development team works hand in hand with visual and graphics department to design the most versatile and straight forward user interface. 

We strive to make your flight better, longer and safer with ability for you to focus on one single thing that really matters, gliding.
Advanced hardware

We developed every bit

LX navigation developed every single piece of the puzzle, from the ground up. From housing to display, it is all custom made specially for Colibri X.




Wi-Fi & Bluetooth


16 GB Micro SD card


Free 3D terrain maps

Gestures control

Use swipe to move between pages and tap to select. Its all really straight forward, just like your smart phone.

Connect any FLARM device

If you connect any FLARM device, FLARM radar page with audio-visual warning, target information and much more.

Stay in the centre of thermal

Colibri X will help you centre the thermal and stay there with Thermal assistant with red circles for rising and blue for decline.

Transflective display

LX navigation uses unique Transflective technology™ displays with optical bonding for the real, touchscreen experience.

Amazing user interface 

Development and design department worked hand in hand to deliver the best user experience for gliding instrument.

Connectivity is the key

Colibri X will connect to Wi-Fi of Bluetooth to deliver or send out data to other devices. Connect to a smartphone or FLARM. Or both.

Main page with NavBox line

Colibri X displays Static pressure (Pst) variometer with thermal assistant, wind vector and NavBox line on the bottom of the page. Swipe left or right to move through pages. 

Menu page with settings

Familiar looking page with all the settings, divided into logical sections will guide the pilot to personalise the Colibri X.<div>Select your colour theme, map palette, glider and pilot details and more.</div>

Configuration of the main page

Pilot can choose which information will be displayed and 2 or 4 information layout. Always visible are clock, outside air temperature (OAT), wind, battery and status icons. "VAR" marks the current vario mode which can be Vario (VAR) or Speed command (SC).

Find the right vario indicator

All vario indicators offer the same functionally

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